Why Do We Need Business Development Services?

Business Development is An Activity:

Business development is often seen as an occult science, most of the "sellers" do not want to do. That say, it is an integral part of all professions related to sales. Think about it, if you're an accountant, and you're slowly losing your customer base without winning new customers, what accounts will you be charged for? The business world is like a living organism: it lives, breathes, changes and evolves. That's why business development is a skill to develop to distinguish yourself in your profession.


Importance of Business Development:
Business development comes into action when you are able to sell its product, services or company as soon as you sense a business opportunity. But it's also more than that! Meditate on this formulation: "Business development is possible if you take care of your business network." Doing business development, is built in the long term. It is therefore necessary to know how to "prepare the ground", or "Maintaining relationships" to facilitate the negotiation process in due course.
In other words, accepting the fact that the long term is part of business development, it is essential that the person dedicated to this task is more than a salesperson, but the person who understands and has mastered the strategic vision of the company, to avoid an overly aggressive approach with the potential customer.
Finally, it should be noted that business development is synonymous with pleasant activity, insofar as keeping links with potential customers and selling the results of the company are all valuable aspects that allow to put forward the good side of the business, such as innovation, results, strategic agreements etc.
Business Development Consultant Services:

Companies in the current economic context, need to analyze, discover and plan innovative ways to generate revenue, getting customers, become efficient and profitable. The following are specialized business development consulting services for profit of the business:



Elaboration of Business Plans:

Contains market research, marketing plan, financial plan  - financial plan and human resource.

Objectives: To undertake new lines of business, access to financing.

Benefits: Technical guarantee to ensure success and before banking negotiations.

Business Valuation:

Business valuation refers to determining the value of a company or business realistically and using objective economic criteria.

Objectives: To evaluate our company or business for the realization of sales operations, investment capital raising, mergers

Benefits: Knowledge of the utility, real value of your business (investment made).

Business Model:
90% of the managers of companies do not question the business model of their companies. Rethinking how to develop innovative business models or research other types of business models for the company is one of the main tasks that should be done by anyone with responsibility in Startup’s, SMEs or consolidated companies. A business model describes rationally how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value in social, cultural, etc. 


Process Of Building Business Model:

The process of building a business model is part of the business strategy. At the beginning of the twentieth century the business model of a company, in general was rather simple; A company manufactured a product or performed a service and charged for it. The evolution of society, uncertainty, speed of change, Internet, technological advances and the birth of new needs and therefore new opportunities, has forced companies to generate new innovative business models, as alternative ways of generating income.

Examples of Innovative Business Models:

Examples of innovative projects in the world, which are based on innovative ideas have been able to find a niche market, a target customer, a problem to solve and an innovative business model. In Spain, there are some examples of innovative projects, introduced by large companies worldwide. Examples such as IBM or Gillette illustrate the "rise" when their positions in the market were threatened.

Others however, failed to see what was coming to them from their privileged position, such as Kodak. In its day, it was one of the innovative businesses in the world, which collapsed with the advent of digital photography.


Some business development consultants UK  also offer their services online. These days everything is online. Business development tools are key essentials to maximize the profits of the business. With the right business plan, model and strategy any business has the potential to rake in as many pounds as it possibly can.