How To Market Your Accounting Services To Small Business in London


Marketing is an important part of any business. In case you have an accounting firm, marketing your services is of much importance. It is important to have in mind the specific group that you aim to target. For an accounting service provider that is starting, the best group to aim at is small business. Small businesses have a lot of accounting needs. With the correct help small businesses may realize a lot profits. For an accounting service provider you must be able to have a convincing plan of what benefits small businesses gain by hiring your services.

You must put sufficient reasons to explain why you are the best accountants for small business in London. You may take the following points into consideration when marketing your accounting services;

  1. Offer package prices

With the main aim being small business you must consider price. You must design your prices at affordable packages that will benefit rather than add to expenses. The services you provide must be more than the price you set to be paid. You must provide a range between which your service fees lies. It is also important to categorize the services. Also provide different service fee per categories.

You may categories under bookkeeping support, tax support and stock control support. However In order to win your clients confidence offer free advice in terms of investment and market trends.

When you offer free but productive advice business owners tend to develop dependence.



  1. Offer advice

More than bookkeeping small businesses actually need professional advice. Most small businesses face closure due to lack of proper advice and guidance. The productivity and expansion of businesses is dependent on what strategies are applied. It is important for any business owner to have proper advice in terms of bookkeeping and investments.

By agreeing to offer this much needed advice at free cost is an effective way to win clients. This however should be done to clients who hire at least one of your accounting services. Either bookkeeping, tax consultation or stock control management. Offer professional advice and strategies and always provide constant follow up on the business.

  1. Educate business owners on importance of knowledge of the future

Small businesses mostly operate under a lot of uncertainty. You need to help small business owners understand the importance of knowing the future expectations. Offering advice on foreseeable future in terms of market can be a great way to market your business. You must educate business owners on effects of not knowing the future in market trends.

A good example would be lack of knowledge on future market may lead you to writing off stock. This may happen if you over invest in a season the product is not on demand. Also provide insight on benefits small businesses may accrue by hiring accounting services. This should in terms of the future.


  1. Offer stock management

Stock management is one of the hard tasks small business owners have to deal with. Most small businesses end up closing due to writing off stock severally. This affects businesses a lot. You should take advantage of these and in addition to offering accounting services provide stock management services. This will come in handy for small businesses. You will also in turn get clients as most business owners strain managing stock. Offer stock management but do this at a considerable price. 

To market your accounting services to small businesses consider your service charge and try as much to create an impression that you are providing more services than you charge.