Best Way To Do Bookkeeping For Small Business in London

Bookkeeping is one of the essential practice of running the business. it is more like accounting. Both are used to save the important record of the business matters. This record has been of a different kind. In this the official record revenues and expenses. These transactions are then posted to a general ledger. There have been different methods to follow bookkeeping. It is a simple technique it can easily be learned by the owners of the small businessmen. Following are the steps that can easily be followed in order to do bookkeeping for the small as well as for the large business.

Steps to Do Bookkeeping:

These steps are easy to follow and can be implemented for starting the bookkeeping services London. There have been many people who are not prone to the world of technology for them this step by step guide on how to do it.


Establish the System is The First Step:

The important thing to keep in mind and to follow is that one always has to maintain the consistency. There is no point of missing any transaction. This could be easily maintained by first recording these transactions in the journal and after that in the ledger. A consistent system should be established in order to maintain the coherency and the completeness. Manual recording of data can also be done to maintain the accuracy of the records.

The Use of Professional Accounting Softwares:

Fresh books or the QuickBooks has been considered as the best software when it comes to the bookkeeping. These softwares are the best tools for the recording of important data and all the flow of the transactions on daily basis. The assist in keeping the information in a clear pattern.


Using A Manual System:

Use of spreadsheet is the best way to do bookkeeping for the small businessmen. These spreads sheets have information pertaining to the name of the supplier and the name of the buyer. The account information and the amount of transaction are also given. Moreover, the details of an invoice are also mentioned in the spreadsheets. Some accountants or any finance manager enter the data in these spreadsheets. These manual systems provide a way to deal with the issues of inconsistency.


Comparison of Various Accounting Methods:

There have been many methods used by the professionals for the bookkeeping services. These methods depend upon the type of the business and the requirement of the business as well. With the growth of the small business, the method and the type of bookkeeping changed.


Effect of Inefficient Bookkeeping:

Inept bookkeeping has the direct impact on the business. For instance, if some transactions have been entered incorrectly it could impact the relations of the clients with the organization. It is important to monitor all the transactions of this. The wrong transactions can also affect the image of the organization. It is, therefore, incumbent that the way to do it must be very effective and efficient.

Why Do We Need Business Development Services?

Business Development is An Activity:

Business development is often seen as an occult science, most of the "sellers" do not want to do. That say, it is an integral part of all professions related to sales. Think about it, if you're an accountant, and you're slowly losing your customer base without winning new customers, what accounts will you be charged for? The business world is like a living organism: it lives, breathes, changes and evolves. That's why business development is a skill to develop to distinguish yourself in your profession.


Importance of Business Development:
Business development comes into action when you are able to sell its product, services or company as soon as you sense a business opportunity. But it's also more than that! Meditate on this formulation: "Business development is possible if you take care of your business network." Doing business development, is built in the long term. It is therefore necessary to know how to "prepare the ground", or "Maintaining relationships" to facilitate the negotiation process in due course.
In other words, accepting the fact that the long term is part of business development, it is essential that the person dedicated to this task is more than a salesperson, but the person who understands and has mastered the strategic vision of the company, to avoid an overly aggressive approach with the potential customer.
Finally, it should be noted that business development is synonymous with pleasant activity, insofar as keeping links with potential customers and selling the results of the company are all valuable aspects that allow to put forward the good side of the business, such as innovation, results, strategic agreements etc.
Business Development Consultant Services:

Companies in the current economic context, need to analyze, discover and plan innovative ways to generate revenue, getting customers, become efficient and profitable. The following are specialized business development consulting services for profit of the business:



Elaboration of Business Plans:

Contains market research, marketing plan, financial plan  - financial plan and human resource.

Objectives: To undertake new lines of business, access to financing.

Benefits: Technical guarantee to ensure success and before banking negotiations.

Business Valuation:

Business valuation refers to determining the value of a company or business realistically and using objective economic criteria.

Objectives: To evaluate our company or business for the realization of sales operations, investment capital raising, mergers

Benefits: Knowledge of the utility, real value of your business (investment made).

Business Model:
90% of the managers of companies do not question the business model of their companies. Rethinking how to develop innovative business models or research other types of business models for the company is one of the main tasks that should be done by anyone with responsibility in Startup’s, SMEs or consolidated companies. A business model describes rationally how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value in social, cultural, etc. 


Process Of Building Business Model:

The process of building a business model is part of the business strategy. At the beginning of the twentieth century the business model of a company, in general was rather simple; A company manufactured a product or performed a service and charged for it. The evolution of society, uncertainty, speed of change, Internet, technological advances and the birth of new needs and therefore new opportunities, has forced companies to generate new innovative business models, as alternative ways of generating income.

Examples of Innovative Business Models:

Examples of innovative projects in the world, which are based on innovative ideas have been able to find a niche market, a target customer, a problem to solve and an innovative business model. In Spain, there are some examples of innovative projects, introduced by large companies worldwide. Examples such as IBM or Gillette illustrate the "rise" when their positions in the market were threatened.

Others however, failed to see what was coming to them from their privileged position, such as Kodak. In its day, it was one of the innovative businesses in the world, which collapsed with the advent of digital photography.


Some business development consultants UK  also offer their services online. These days everything is online. Business development tools are key essentials to maximize the profits of the business. With the right business plan, model and strategy any business has the potential to rake in as many pounds as it possibly can.

How To Market Your Accounting Services To Small Business in London


Marketing is an important part of any business. In case you have an accounting firm, marketing your services is of much importance. It is important to have in mind the specific group that you aim to target. For an accounting service provider that is starting, the best group to aim at is small business. Small businesses have a lot of accounting needs. With the correct help small businesses may realize a lot profits. For an accounting service provider you must be able to have a convincing plan of what benefits small businesses gain by hiring your services.

You must put sufficient reasons to explain why you are the best accountants for small business in London. You may take the following points into consideration when marketing your accounting services;

  1. Offer package prices

With the main aim being small business you must consider price. You must design your prices at affordable packages that will benefit rather than add to expenses. The services you provide must be more than the price you set to be paid. You must provide a range between which your service fees lies. It is also important to categorize the services. Also provide different service fee per categories.

You may categories under bookkeeping support, tax support and stock control support. However In order to win your clients confidence offer free advice in terms of investment and market trends.

When you offer free but productive advice business owners tend to develop dependence.



  1. Offer advice

More than bookkeeping small businesses actually need professional advice. Most small businesses face closure due to lack of proper advice and guidance. The productivity and expansion of businesses is dependent on what strategies are applied. It is important for any business owner to have proper advice in terms of bookkeeping and investments.

By agreeing to offer this much needed advice at free cost is an effective way to win clients. This however should be done to clients who hire at least one of your accounting services. Either bookkeeping, tax consultation or stock control management. Offer professional advice and strategies and always provide constant follow up on the business.

  1. Educate business owners on importance of knowledge of the future

Small businesses mostly operate under a lot of uncertainty. You need to help small business owners understand the importance of knowing the future expectations. Offering advice on foreseeable future in terms of market can be a great way to market your business. You must educate business owners on effects of not knowing the future in market trends.

A good example would be lack of knowledge on future market may lead you to writing off stock. This may happen if you over invest in a season the product is not on demand. Also provide insight on benefits small businesses may accrue by hiring accounting services. This should in terms of the future.


  1. Offer stock management

Stock management is one of the hard tasks small business owners have to deal with. Most small businesses end up closing due to writing off stock severally. This affects businesses a lot. You should take advantage of these and in addition to offering accounting services provide stock management services. This will come in handy for small businesses. You will also in turn get clients as most business owners strain managing stock. Offer stock management but do this at a considerable price. 

To market your accounting services to small businesses consider your service charge and try as much to create an impression that you are providing more services than you charge.



How to Offer Best Online Payroll Services


If you have opted for a payroll service career and wants to start your own business as a payroll service provider, there is a lot of stuff to consider. You need to consider that what services you can offer, how much services you can handle, how to market yourself and your abilities in addition to making sure that you are properly qualified for this business.


How much to charge

One of the most crucial and important questions is to decide how much you will charge for your services. Historically, considering some facts, professionals usually charge an hourly rate for the services they provide. There are many successful companies and self-employed who are the best payroll service providers UK like WeAccountax for your business help and meet your accountancy needs. The hourly rate of these payroll service providers depends on the time they serve for the client. The longer they work on the books, the more it will costs you as a client.


Consider some factors while charging money

This most common way of charging on an hourly basis reflects how much worth you feel each hour of your day holds. There are certainly other factors too that comes under consideration while charging for your payroll services. It includes your level of qualification, the number of services you are offering, your experience, your skills, your location, your expertise and number of hours it takes to complete your work.


Maintain healthy attitude

While looking for payroll services, companies usually search for an accurate, up-to-date and expert individuals so that they can get the maximum amount of their work done in less time. While working with some company, you don’t actually need a formal degree from a university in accounting but you should have a minimum of college level framework. You need to maintain an experienced formal and detailed-oriented attitude while working as a payroll service provider so that the company may like to hire you again and again.


Rates of Payroll Services

On an average, the hourly rate for quality payroll services ranges from £20 to £50 and hour but some bookkeepers may charge a minimum of £100 to £150 monthly for the business they are operating at a smaller level and does not have much work to do. What you should ask for your services greatly depends upon the complexities and the amount of work of every business or industry. When you get some experience in this field and become an expert, you can earn £400 to £800 per month if you are dedicated enough to work hard to reach that level.


According to a research, the average annual pay for a payroll executive is £68,000 and for payroll manager, it usually is £57,000 approx. Many of the firms or industries do not have a fixed pricing strategy and mostly they try to outbid the next guy in order to do more business. Yes, this might sound great for you as an entrepreneur who is looking for an “affordable” professional but there’s a major flaw in this strategy.


How companies choose best payroll service providers

You can also establish your own company online and can provide your services to companies. There are a large number of people available today who work greatly on an hourly basis and earn a bulk of money by providing healthy attitude and best online payroll services. Sometimes, companies hire you permanently looking at the level of your expertise or your attitude. It just depends on what kind of work and attitude you provide to the client. Generally, if companies hire different individual every day for their tasks to get done, it would get much expensive for them so they try to hire the one who fits best with the policies of their company effectively on a permanent basis.


Remember, an individual who is providing you his services is selling his time. If you pay him £70 to £80 only per month, how much support you can really expect from that guy for your business – not much, obviously. Payroll service providers are highly known for being good at selling. They cut prices and simply end up taking on so many clients in the process of making an affordable living that they intentionally under-serve every client or customer they touch. So, try to pay honestly for the services you are earning from an individual in order to grow your business.

Which One Bookkeeping Software is Best for London

Internal business bookkeeping and supervision is pulsating to keep your business in credit because it assists to evade needless interest in HMRC. It also aids to develop your bond between you and your bookkeeper considerably relaxed leading to save your money. So, if you are in search of an appropriate bookkeeping software that works strictly with HMRC and that is completely biddable with digital tax need, Clear Books is a submissive software to digitalise your business tax. This backs your business progressing into the stage of digital tax development. It does not require if you are not VAT registered.


Clear Books Bookkeeping Software for small Business
Clear Books is a small business bookkeeping software that can be your dearest software. In case you are a sole dealer or you are running your own small business, you can easily recognise the fact that harmonising the profit and loss can be a troublesome. To relieve you of this disturbance, Clear Books bookkeeping software for small business has been constructed keeping your requirements in mind especially small business bookkeeping in London. This software allows you to save your time by working keenly to manage your financial records of the cloud so that you and your bookkeeper can easily reach to your record every time and somewhere you want.


Clear Books: A Picture-Perfect Bookkeeping Software
Clear Books is the picture-perfect means for an efficacious bookkeeping preparation. Due to exclusive topographies of time saving, limitless free handlers and cheap pricing, it is not startling if bookkeepers and their customers love to use Clear Books.


Modernising Mode for You and Your Customers to Work in Harmony
The effective contemporary bookkeeping company works in agreement with their customers online to work together on their information about anywhere by utilising the benefit of the numerous computerized and robotic topographies that a cloud bookkeeping proposes. It is not only the bookkeepers that extremely like to use Clear Books but your customers are will also like this software service because it bids customers an opportunity to perceive actual information about their business so that they could sense authorised by their business accomplishment.


Clear Books is HMRC Approved Bookkeeping Software
You can give in your revenues to this software confidently as the Clear Books bookkeeping software has been approved by HMRC. It has also been ascribed by ICB and ICAEW as well as it has gained many awards like British Accountancy Award as it has significant features that make it the most useful and the best bookkeeping software for your business achievements.


Significant Features of Clear Books
Clear Books is an effective bookkeeping software enriched in manifold features multi-currency books management, Construction Industry Scheme earnings, expenditure management of work based tours and management of shares or bonuses.


Multi-currency Feature
Due to multi-currency attribute, multi-currency bank accounts can easily be continued by you and your customers. Such accounts can agree to take and generate demands and statements in overseas currencies. You have a t choice to set your individual custom multi-currency charges to alter the currencies that are suitable for you.


Construction Industry Scheme Revenues
While using Clear Books, you receive your Construction Industry Scheme revenues every month automatically because of its excellent online services.


Easy Verification of Outsourced Bookkeeper Direct from HMRC Website
Clear Books has an exclusive but convenient feature for you to confirm about legal existence of your outsourced bookkeeping company directly from the website of HMRC without visiting office physically.


Convenient Entitlement for Work Based Tours
Clear Books is a vital software as it has a tool get a privilege of costs of work based tours by just entering the particulars of your automobile or conveyance along with the distance to be covered. Clear Books mileage tool does all whatever you are needed to be privileged for tours.


Tool for Bonuses and Shares
Clear Books also has an appropriate tool to manage your dividends even for small business bookkeeping in London. You can straightforwardly accomplish and assess your stakeholders along with their dividends. This software generates the dividends for all stakeholders with no trouble.


Hence, Clear Books bookkeeping software lets the bookkeeping companies to fulfil their needs to nurture their customer bank to bid improved and valued data onto their customers extra quickly. As this software has rendered online bookkeeping additionally easy and quick in the United Kingdom. Not only time is saved, but your business tasks are also made simple by this spontaneous and easy bookkeeping software for small business. Clear Books is a cloud accounting software assisting you to progress your business by leaps and bound so you can use it to make your financial records simple confidently. These are the online accounting software UK with WeAccountax for your successful business.

Accounting Vs Bookkeeping

Financial reporting process has gained a lot of popularity in the small to medium scale businesses as they have seen multinational companies building fortunes by the use of valuable financial information in the right framework to resolve business-related problems. Financial reporting process has following steps:


Identify and Analyze:
Identify and analyze the business processes and potential business transactions which ought to be recorded in the financial books. There are various material movements and transactions being carried out within the organization and outside of the organization. Not all of those transactions are supposed to be recorded in the financial accounts of the company. This step helps the business identify the recordable process and determine the chart of accounts suitable for this sort of business entity.


Recording Journal Entries:
This step involves the recording of journal entries into the financial reporting system, as a long list of debit and credits with the proper description of each of the transaction. This also depicts the ledger the entries are expected to hit and the value as well by which credit or debit will take place.

Ledger posting:

Accounting entries are then posted to ledger to which these entries were pertaining to and balances of each of the ledger are calculated.


Trial Balance:
Various ledgers are then shifted to trial balance to ensure the debits and credits are equal and balanced. Various adjusting entries are passed to finalize the accounts.


Financial statements:
Financial statements are drafted from the trail balance as each ledger balance is accessed and placed into the designated position of that particular account. There are three different kinds of financial statements.


Financial position:
it contains the assets, liabilities and equity elements from the ledgers and it depicts financial position at a particular moment in time.


Comprehensive income:
this financial statement contains the income expense elements of the financial ledgers for a particular period.


Cash flow:
this financial statement contains the detail of cash movement related to the business entity.

As the accounting process cycle is finally defined above, now we can determine the differences and similarity between accounting and bookkeeping.


Recording of the day to day business transaction and arrange the data in a reasonable manner is generally considered as a bookkeeping service. Bookkeeping is a part of the accounting cycle, it often involves recording and arranging purchases, sales and inventory movement. You can easily find WeAccountax Bookkeeping Services London in the UK.


Whereas accounting is a general term which covers all aspect of financial reporting including bookkeeping. Accounting is a greater term as it involves accounting treatment judgment and financial statement designing and chart of accounts development. Check out the best Accounting Services Firm London


The basic difference between accounting and bookkeeping is their scope and functionality within the commerce division of the business. Bookkeeping generally pertaining to recording day to day business dealing and their financial impacts in the accounting system. Whereas anything beyond bookkeeping to the presentation of financial statements, developing accounting policies and providing judgment solution to the new arising accounting issues for the business.


Role / Position:
Bookkeeper is often appointed with a reasonable 3-year experience for general data entry and accounts data entry. This is often an entry level position which requires 3 to a 4-year experience of data entry. In complex taxation related economies, bookkeepers are responsible for identifying the various taxing values on the invoice or sale receipt. As evident as it seems, bookkeeping is relatively a simpler task. Even if the role is outsourced, accountancy firm will charge a relatively smaller fee if only bookkeeping is outsourced and remaining accountancy function is operated indoor.


Accountant whereas is considered as a senior accountancy post and is often in charge of maintaining financial accounts. It includes supervising whether the accounting entries are being rightly posted. Whether the accounting policies formulated are right for the organization. Are they being followed while booking accounting entries in various ledgers?




Usually, bachelor's in accounting or diploma in accountancy are enough to be hired as a bookkeeper. As it only requires basic accounting understanding to be able to perform daily job duties. Various bachelor's programs available which can provide an individual to acquire necessary skills to acquire this position.

For the accountant position, qualification plays a very important role. Professional qualification depending on the country is often required to meet the technical needs of accountant position. A strong grip on taxation, accounting and auditing are necessary in order to meet the challenges of this position.


Institute of chartered accountants England and Wales and Association of certified chartered accountants are two most recognized chartered accountant bodies in the United Kingdom. As the qualification has improved relatively the salary packages of accountants will also be higher when compared to bookkeeper and company has to bear extra cost for the extra bit of advantage of having a professionally qualified accountant.


In short, often bookkeepers and accountants are confused. Their scope, area of work and criteria to be met exhibits are the major difference between both professions.

Benefits of Studying Accountancy as a Subject


Career advancements and opportunities:
As the business community is expanding over the time, the demand for professional accountants is on the hike. Various career paths are open to professionally qualified accountants.

  • External auditors: Auditors hired by the organization to verify the authenticity of their financial reporting
  • Internal auditors: Auditors hired to ensure the effective working of the internal control system of the organization.
  • Management accountant: Management accountants specialize in developing management reporting for the decision making a process of the management.
  • Financial accountants: These are the accountants who specialize in preparing financial statements for the business entity.

Businesses consider finance and accounting as one of their core functions which enable the smooth operation of the business. It ensures career advancements and promotions because of their consistent involvement in a decision-making process.

Work in any industry:
Graduates or experienced professionals who have finance/accounting as their major can seek the benefit of industry flexibility. Accountancy concepts are almost similar across all business industries. it is easy for an accountant to shift between industries and adapt to a new one.

Global career:
The financial community is shifting to a uniform accountancy standards throughout the world because the demand of the Best Online Accountants UK like WeAccountax is increasing day by day. It has enabled the accountancy professionals to cease opportunities without any limitations of international boundaries.

Practical education:
Students of accountancy have an edge over various other fields as their education is easily practicable in the real life. It enables the professionals and students to better grasp the business accountancy concepts and expand upon them to excel in their careers.

London is considered one of the top choices for financial education from around the globe. The student population will double by 2025 according to the research published in JLL. The reason for this up rise in the student population is the normal state of the art education institute available in this city.